What’s Real and What’s Not?

I am lost in a thought,

What’s real and what’s not,

My mind is clogged and fraught

With idiosyncratic thoughts,

But about this I never talked,

Because the question is still not swapped,

Will you tell me what’s real and what’s not?

I don’t know whether the answer will be short or broad,

But trust me you have to answer a lot,

So, let me start,

The things I want,

The things I talk,

And all the things that still haunt,

From where I walked,

And where I stopped,

And all that it caused,

The people whom my paths crossed,

Or the once I was forced,

Family and friends who support,

The ones who awed,

Or the ones who ignored,

My reward and my assault,

The memories that I recalled,

Or, the ones that my mind forgot,

The things I just spoke, or the ones still inside my vault,

And even the late night stars that I watch,

Creates a dilemma of what’s real and what’s not.




lost in my own idiosyncratic perspectives.. >.< insta:- _sonakshi.k_

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lost in my own idiosyncratic perspectives.. >.< insta:- _sonakshi.k_

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